Disguise Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Accessory

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  • 100% Plastic

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED GHOSTBUSTERS GHOST TRAP - This awesome ghost trap is non-functioning and looks great as a prop or accessory for your costume! (Does not have moving parts)

  • AUTHENTIC GHOST TRAP GHOSTBUSTERS ACCESSORIES - Ghost containment unit includes artwork to make it look like the gear used in the Ghostbusters Afterlife movie

  • SAFE TO USEP PLASTIC GHOSTBUSTERS TRAP - Pairs great with any Ghostbuster costume, replica is made of safe materials that can be used at home or with friends

  • GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE INSPIRED GHOST TRAP - This child's Halloween costume accessory is sure to get some attention in real life and on social media

  • QUALITY GHOSTBUSTERS EQUIPMENT DESIGNED WITH CARE - To keep this Ghostbusters Trap maintained, we recommend spot cleaning - includes 14 inch plastic costume accessory - no moving parts.

  • What's in the Box?! There are some packages that you just don't want to open. Ancient Tupperware containers that you find at the back of the fridge. Your great aunt's gifts that arrive at random times throughout the year and usually contain very strange presents found at her local casino. And most of all, you never want to open a newly filled ghost trap from the Ghostbuster team. You never know what sort of spirit might be trapped inside and what kind of mood that they're in after getting sucked up by a nuetrona wand. It could be the gray librarian, it could be Slimer, or it could be a brand new horror! Whatever is lurking within, it's best to keep the box closed nice and tight. Luckily, this Ghostbuster trap is nice and sturdy in the face of curious inquirers! Product Details This black and yellow striped Ghostbuster box is instantly recognizable by fans of the franchise. The perfect addition to your Ghostbuster uniform, it has plenty of details that is going to bring your character to life. Designed as a costume accessory, it's lightweight so that you can use it to trap ghosts wherever you are on Halloween night!

    Disguise Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Accessory